2017 Ford Focus RS – Power for the whole family

06 Sep

The term ‘family car’ isn’t the most appealing to drivers, often evoking visions of large people carriers or ‘sensible’ cars that lack style and substance. Be prepared to be surprised then, by the new Ford Focus RS Edition, a breath of fresh air in the market for family cars.

This hot hatch has everything you need for a smooth and satisfying drive, while also packing the safety features and space required for a functional family car.


The Ford Focus RS boasts the functionality and features of a top-spec car, while also having that appeal for families. Navigating the streets easily during the week, come the weekend it has the practicality that makes it ideal for carrying out those essential chores. A sleek design and EcoBoost makes the Ford Focus RS an attractive purchase, complete with an attractive price tag to offer a powerful vehicle at an affordable price. Ford may be exploring other avenues at the moment, like it’s trial of driverless delivery with Domino’s Pizza, but it still knows how to deliver when it comes to making great cars.


The Ford Focus RS comes equipped with a 350PS 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, which hits 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and achieves a top speed of 165mph. Handline corners like a dream thanks to its Torque Vectoring Control, the driving experience offered by the RS is enough to impress those used to powerful cars. With a four-wheel drive and various built-in modes, it certainly makes driving more fun for the average driver. Equipped with various safety features (see, the RS boasts an Intelligence Protection System, anti-lock braking and Tyre Pressure monitoring system to provide assurance and reliability when out on the road.


While the performance and look of the RS are fantastic, the interior seems quite standard in comparison. You can upgrade to benefit from the added comfort of bucket seats, but this seems like an unnecessary expense for a family car unless you’re planning on a lot of long-distance journeys. Tech-wise, the SYNC 3 system is a clever hands-free unit that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Applink to provide a range of entertainment and navigation options while behind the wheel. The standard interior could indeed help you save on insurance costs, which is never unwelcome, and is a great choice to insure your vehicle. Further upgrades are available at a cost, but this will significantly increase the RS’ sub-£20k price tag into the £30k range.

Choosing a family car has become more difficult in recent years due to the increasing tendencies of car manufacturers to shed the ‘safe,’ standard features of a typical everyday car to make them more appealing to drivers. The Ford Focus RS is a great choice, but with other models on the market like the 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTD, you may find that it’s hard to choose between them. It’s an exciting time to be in the market for a new vehicle, and for an affordable family car that ticks a lot of boxes, you could do far worse than the Ford Focus RS.


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