Need more space? Here’s a few choices

07 Sep

When our families become a priority, the idea of an epic sports car goes out the window. Sure, it would look good. But, the two-seater layout of the most stylish designs just wouldn’t be practical for family life.

Where would the kids go? And, more importantly, where would you fit all the stuff which appears when they do? Let’s be honest; children rarely travel light.

Instead, we’re left searching for cars which are practical, rather than sleek. It can be a heartbreaking transition if you were hot on your cars in the past. But, once you’ve let go of your sporting dreams, you may find that there’s plenty to embrace in more practical options on the market. And, getting this right will give you full freedom for whatever you need.

In a lot of cases, a standard four-seater will suit most two-children families. But, sometimes, our needs extend further. For some of us, the more boot space we can get, the better. It may be that you’re planning to take some family trips, or that you’ve taken up fishing to escape from the madness. Whatever the reason, a big boot is often a desirable feature in a family car. Which is why we’re going to look at a few of the amazing big-booted options on offer.

Subaru Forester

We’re starting with the subaru forester, a fairly modest sized SUV, which would be a good transition point. With a standard boot capacity of 505 liters, this won’t be too much of a leap. But, it will be ideal for shopping trips, and you could fit a fishing rod in there too. The real benefit of this car is the split-folding rear seats. These extend that capacity to a substantially larger 1,592 litres. Much better! Of course, you’ll have to be picky about which kids go along for the ride when operating with two fewer seats!

The Forester also has the ability of rear cameras, which allow you to have eyes in the back of your head, as it were. These are ideal when you’ve got a car full, as they ensure you can see what’s going on behind without worrying about your onboard luggage.

As for other plus points, the off-road capability and four-wheel drive setting on this one make it ideal for family trips on rugged terrain. Bear in mind, though, that the fact this car has a permanent four-wheel drive system could be enough to put some buyers off. It’s worth considering what you’ll be using this for before making the investment.

VW Tiguan

Launched in 2016, the VW Tiguan is the second SUV on our list and comes in with a standard boot size of 520 liters. Again, putting the seats down increases that space, and will get you a more impressive 1655 litres. Again, though, you’ll have to deal with the downside of losing passenger space to fit more in.

The boot isn’t the only spacious benefit to this bad boy, either. There’s also plenty of legroom, and storage cubbies throughout. These will provide extra space for those fishing accessories, or whatever you need.

Again, the Tiguan offers off-road options, but you’re not tied to these. If you opt for the off-road model, you’ll find under-body protection which will ensure the most rugged of journeys are smooth sailing. Or, if you’re staying on smooth roads, there’s a front-wheel model instead. Bear in mind that you can’t switch between the two, so again, you’ll need to know what you’re after before you settle on a design.

Skoda Fabia

We’re taking a step away from large SUVs with the Skoda Fabia, a small car with a Mary Poppins-esque boot space. You wouldn’t believe it from the outside, but this baby packs a whopping 1150 liter boot with the seats down. Even with full capacity, the boot space comes in at a modest 330 litres. That’s easily one of the biggest boots on the supermini market. And, a design aimed for easy loading makes this an even more appealing option. There’s even the inclusion of luggage hooks, for those trips away, or simply to keep your shopping from spilling out.

Though not ideal for cross-country travel, the Fabia will serve you well for nipping around town. At just 3992 mm long, it fits into the supermini model. It’s ideal for those who want practicality without excessive size. And, with a fully adjustable driver’s seat, you shouldn’t have trouble finding plenty of legroom for both you and your passengers. A tall body also ensures that larger passengers can fit with no worries. So, if your kids have a growth spurt when they reach the teen years, they’ll still be able to fit comfortably!

Ford Galaxy 2.0

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a nod towards the Ford Galaxy. From the smallest car on the list, we end on the largest, with a seat-down boot capacity of an insane 2339 litres. It doesn’t get much better than this. Plus, this model is ideal for larger families with its seven-seater capacity. Bear in mind that, at full seating capacity, the boot is actually the smallest on this list, at 300 litres. However, the back two seats fold electronically. You can increase boot space this way while still keeping two passenger seats in use.

And, it’s not only the boot which boasts space. As can be expected with a 4848 mm long vehicle, you’ll gain one of the most spacious interiors of any MPV. The versatility of the seating makes this ideal for ensuring the vehicle suits your family’s needs. And, there are cubby holes galore to provide you with even more space. Not that you’ll need it with this already massive vehicle!

In previous models, the driving focused on fun. But, the latest reincarnation sees comfort being the priority. That makes this an ideal option for long-distance holiday driving. The four-wheel drive capabilities offer stability and excellent grip, though it’s worth noting that soft suspension takes severe off-roading off the menu.


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