In The Spotlight: The New Ford Fiesta

08 Sep

Ford has just released an all new, updated Fiesta to their range. Ford have produced some of the most famous and favourite cars in the world. From the family favorite Ford Escort, the rally Ford Focus and of course the enigmatic Ford Mustang…the company knows how to make great cars at a good price.

Today, however, we are going to put the new Ford Fiesta into the spotlight and take a look at its new features, specification, and design elements.


There are five new models which have been released as part of the Fiesta range, and each of them has their own unique features to please every type of driver. First up are the ST-Line and ST-Line X models which are available now. Showcasing that classic Fiesta shape, these make the most of the soft lines and rounded features to give the model a sleek and clean look.

Vignale is the next model to hit our roads. With many similarities to the Mondeo that came before, it boasts 18-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstery, and even a rearview camera.

The Fiesta Titanium offers a seamless display of sculpted lines, for an elegant feel to the vehicle.

Active is the perfect companion for adventure, with its ford car tyres and hatchback style offering the first Fiesta crossover. Roof bars and cladding help to give this vehicle an SUV vibe.

Finally is the Fiesta ST. Not available until 2018, this is the piece da resistance in the range. Built stronger than any of its predecessors, this model also offers the ability to customise the vehicle in more ways, much like the Vauxhall Adam. You can not only choose to change the exterior color of the car, but also personalize the inside too. You can opt for a bright stitching on your seats, and color accents on the dashboard and doors. The new Fiesta allows you to make your vehicle fit your own personal style.

Driving Features

Park Assist – There’s nothing worse than not being able to park in a tight spot or finding an abundance of small cars hiding in potential spaces while out and about. With the new park assist feature, the whole experience becomes much less stressful and time-consuming. It not only helps you with the aid of sensors at the front and back of the car, but it will find a space for you and steer you in automatically. You will still have control of the brakes and accelerator; however, this takes the stress out of finding the ideal turning circle or perfecting a parallel park.

Cruise Control – Cruise Control is the savior for many drivers on long distance jaunts who want to stay at a steady speed but don’t want to keep their foot on the accelerator. Take this one step further and adaptive cruise control will measure traffic conditions and distances from other cars, and adjust your speed in order to keep a steady distance without crashing into the back of anyone or having to suddenly slow down.

Auto High Beam – This is a useful feature which will detect when a car is approaching and will flick your high beam on automatically to avoid accidents.

Lane Keeping System – This is a great feature for if you are going on a long drive across the highway with your family and in the event that you become fatigued and take your attention off the road. The car will detect any unintended departures from your lane and redirect the car back to where it was. This of course won’t stand for when you change lane to overtake, as the feature will pick up when you change lanes intentionally.

Traffic Sign Recognition – The traffic sign recognition tool is a handy one for if you are driving in an area where the speed changes multiple times on one long stretch. To avoid you missing a vital sign and not slowing down or speeding up, the car will read the sign for you and display the desired speed in front of you so that you can change it accordingly.


Start-Stop Engine – If you are frequently commuting into largely populated cities, you’ll know that there is no bigger drain on your fuel and battery life than always moving at snail’s pace and having to start up your engine and change gears. However, the start-stop feature which is available in most new cars is the perfect solution. If you find yourself stuck in traffic for a long time, simply cut out the engine completely to save burning out.

EcoBoost Engine – The Ford EcoBoost engine is award winning, and it’s not surprising to see it make an appearance in these new models. With the race for more economical vehicles becoming more and more prominent every day, the addition of this engine is an excellent one. In the petrol car, you can achieve 65.7mpg with CO2 emissions of  97 g/km. If you are likely to use the car for longer journeys on a regular basis, the 1.5 TDCI 85 PS diesel engine can go even better with 88.3 mpg, and CO2 emissions at only 82 g/km.


Key Free – The annoyance of dangling keys in the front seat while you are  driving is one which motorists have had to put up with for years now. Luckily, the feature is now available where you no longer have to stick the key in the ignition, and can leave them in your pocket instead.

Extra Space – Unless you are under 5″3′, you will probably struggle for enough leg room in the back of the car unless it’s an SUV. Luckily, Ford has taken this into account and designed a longer car in order to allow for much better comfort on any drive. It means that the car won’t feel so much like a clown car.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel – In the winter, driving can be treacherous, to say the least. From cold, windy nights to snowfall on the road, it can be a very uncomfortable experience for all. However, with the new Ford Fiestas, you now have the option for heated seats and a heated steering wheel to warm the cockles of your heart (and limbs), and therefore allow for a warm, cozy driving experience for all.

Panoramic Roof – The dream for most of us is to be able to one day have a convertible car, although it’s not always the best option for those of us who live in areas with unpredictable weather conditions. The panorama roof which the Ford Fiesta supplies allows you to have the best of both worlds: the ability to open your car up to the world and experience sunlight and fresh air, as well as the protective shield from the wind and rain. If the light ever gets too blinding, there is also an internal sunblind which you can use to protect your eyes.

B&O Play – Bang & Olufsen offers a brand new 675 watt, 10-speaker audio system which is the perfect piece of technology to play all of your favorite music in the car. Boasting full surround sound, and a dual voice subwoofer, this 10 speaker sound system allows you to hold your own mini concert every time you step into car.

SYNC 3 – SYNC 3 is the ultimate piece of technology for those who love to play music, follow the sat nav and reply to phone calls while on the road. With clever technology, SYNC 3 allows you to integrate your smartphone seamlessly with the control panel of your car. Connecting this allows you to control your messages, apps and phone calls all on one screen in the car.


Airbags – The most important part of any good car design is a working airbag, and these cars have ones installed in not only the driver and passenger seat but also on the side to protect the body from all angles in case the worst does happen.

Trailer Sway Control – Towing a caravan, boat or trailer on the back of your car can change the whole dynamic of the vehicle and make it much more likely for accidents to happen. When your vehicle suddenly becomes heavier, longer and wider than it was, it can be hard to control when you turn corners or navigate country roads. However, the addition of sway control makes it much easier to control the car and allow for a safer journey.

Pedestrian Detection – If you live in a highly populated area, you have most likely been the victim of a game of chicken played by small children. The thing they don’t understand is playing a simple game at the side of the road can cause more than just a laugh for them and their friends, it can lead to a fatal collision. This is why Ford has developed an essential safety feature which can detect the presence of pedestrians on the road, day or night, and provide emergency brake assistance to avoid the worst happening.

Overall, the new range looks varied and very well thought out. If you like this type of post, why not check out this Review of the Volkswagen Sharan MPV.



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