Cars that balance Style and Substance best

10 Sep

There is plenty to look for when you are on the market for a new car. A particularly popular combination, however, is style and substance. Nobody can argue that it is particularly thrilling when you manage to find a vehicle which offers you both style and substance – but such a car is often hard to come by, and it is hard knowing where to look to find one.

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best recent examples of relatively affordable cars that go a long way to achieving this balance of style and substance. Take a look at these for some clues on where to look next.

Vauxhall Mokka X

Although the Mokka X has received some mixed reviews in some ways, overall it has been seen as something of a triumph. Like most new Vauxhall cars, it offers a decent value for money vehicle, and you are unlikely to be disappointed by its handling on the road at any speed. But the one place it really shines is in the design of the interior. The main quality to impress here is the fact that it offers a beautiful look while also giving you great practicality. Compared to older models and others in the range, in the new Mokka X you have built-in Sat-Nav with an 8-inch touchscreen, alongside a range of other useful items depending on the exact model. But you’ve also got the fantastic leather seats that you wish for – meaning that this is one car you’ll drive away with a smile across your face.

Kia Sportage

One of the primary benefits of driving a Kia is that you always get a fairly decent fuel consumption. For the later models such as the Sportage, you might even be treated to a hyper-efficient hybrid engine. This is a powerful SUV with a range of delightful features, and it definitely has to be included in any list of vehicles with equal parts style and substance. For a start, it has that athletic and sleek profile, something that is always going to attract new buyers in droves. But you’ve got the substance that you wish for as well: with the Sportage, you have that rare thing of an environmentally-conscious way to drive a bigger car. That is the kind of substance you don’t see that often – and when you do, you know it means business.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

When you think of style, you will almost certainly have to think about Jaguar at some point or another. These are cars which are built to ooze style, and they succeed in doing just that. The F-Type SVR does not disappoint, and continues to deliver in this proud tradition. But, as we are hoping for, it also has a lot to say for the substance half of the equation. The SVR is a supercar which handles about as beautifully as any vehicle on the planet, while staying conscientious in terms of its sound pollution and emissions. You can’t go far wrong with this choice of vehicle, no matter what it is that you generally look for in a car.


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