Perfect types of vehicles to enjoy a road-trip

11 Sep

Every car-enthusiast loves a good drive, whether it’s going around town, over a twisty mountain pass or along a straight desert road. A road trip is the best way to experience a journey and the vehicle.

Family Car

Whether it’s a Vauxhall Astra, a Land Rover Discovery, or a Volkswagon Golf – your family car is great for road tripping in for few reasons; first of all, it’s your family car – you know how it works, how it drives and how much it costs. Secondly, your family all fit in – hopefully with comfort – and are used to the leg room available. And lastly – these types of cars are relatively versatile in where they can drive, you may get a bit more off-road action out of the Land Rover, but a family car could take you through cities, country and mountain roads without an issue.

Camper Van

A camper is the perfect, little mobile home. It has everything you need within a 168in X 67in (approximately) space. A camper van, traditionally a VW camper, can sleep two with ease, but there are many add-ons to a camper that extends its use. From a teardrop trailer, a pop top roof, and a driveaway awning. A camper can take you most places from the beach to the forest, and there’s no need for pitching a tent or spending loads of money on hotels.


A motorhome is the step up from the camper van in luxury, it is a home on wheels, with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. You will have fully-functioning electricity and amenities. These vehicles are the glamping version of the road-trip world, but they do restrict you on where you can go, and the speed you can travel at; like towing a trailer, in a mobile home, different road speeds apply.


Supercars are the flashy, fast and loud vehicle that everyone wants to have a go at driving. Road tripping in these bad boys might not be the best idea due to the small amount of space available, but they are a great way to have fun and see the world at speed.  You also might rent a supercar, so you can enjoy your journey and take a break by whizzing off in an Audi R8 or a Ferrari F12 for the weekend. Countries like Germany have areas free of speed restrictions, so an abroad road trip might be on the cards.


On two wheels rather than four, a motorbike can also be a great way to road trip. You will have the ability to glide through traffic, know where is closed to you – a bike can take you up mountain roads, and country lanes with ease. But it does limit your number to two, and your packing area. If you use a larger bike or an adventure explorer like a Suzuki Vstrom 1000 then long trips, are within your reach, and you have enough space for your camping necessities. Or if you’re day tripping to the coast a smaller sports-bike like a Triumph Daytona 600 would be perfect.


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