How to live the campervan lifestyle

12 Sep

Living your life out of a campervan is the most unappealing idea in the world to some people, but to others, it sounds like a dream.

Of course there are negatives, for example, simple things like washing, using the internet, and doing laundry takes a lot of time and preparation, but the positives are pretty fantastic. You have the freedom to go almost anywhere you choose, and stay there for as long as you choose to, and once you’ve brought your van and your equipment, it’s fairly cheap too. So, follow these simple steps if you think the camper life is for you.

Buy A Van

The biggest cost you’ll face from living in a campervan is paying for the van itself, which is why you’ll want to be on the lookout for cheap vans for sale. You could purchase a classic Volkswagen, but these aren’t very stealthy if you plan on sleeping in places that don’t take too kindly to people sleeping in the vans and can be pretty expensive. Instead, a used cargo van of some description will work just fine, and you can do it up however you like.

Stay Stealthy

Although your van may be cosy and homely inside, you’ll want it to appear as unmemorable from the outside. You don’t want people to know that you’re sleeping in your van, as that could put you at risk of getting into trouble with the authorities, or even have people break into your van and taking your belongings. Make sure you have blackout windows or curtains so that no one can see inside.

Parking Your Van

If you wanted to stay close to nature, then there are plenty of places in which you can legally park your van for days, or sometimes even weeks. Just do a Google search for boondocking websites (camping outside campgrounds) to find some great spots. If you would rather camp in the city, then it’s best for you to park somewhere where there will always be other vehicles parked around you. Avoid quieter parts of town, as this will make your presence more noticeable. Places like hotel car parks and 24-hour supermarkets will have people coming and going all night, so you won’t look that out of the ordinary.


You may be exploring the great outdoors on your road trip, but that doesn’t mean you have to smell like it. Showering can be tricky if you’re living life on the road, but it’s definitely not impossible. You could buy a year pass for a chain of gyms, and use that gym chain to shower and use the bathroom, for example. Some leisure centres have days where their prices are reduced or are even free, so you could make use of their showering facilities on these days.

Of course, there’s much more to living life out of a van than just these four steps, but they’re a good place to start and give you some idea of what life will be like on the road. If you’ve read this and still think the life is for you, then why not find yourself the perfect van and start planning your trip.


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