Elementary driving laws you need to be aware of

15 Sep

Drivers come in many different shapes and sizes, not least those people that think they know it all.

But as we have all experienced, it is seldom the case that we know everything about driving, even if we have been driving 60 years after we passed our test. After passing your driving test is when we really start to learn about the rules of the road. And there are many things that we do as drivers that we think we’re doing to be sensible, but in actual fact we are breaking the law. A very good example is flashing our lights at another car to let them through a tight gap. In fact, you should only flash your lights to make others aware of your presence. So, what laws is there that are stupidly sensible?

Drink Non-driving!

There may have been times where we have driven somewhere and had one too many beers, and instead of deciding to drive home, which is the stupidest thing anybody can do, it makes sense for you to have a nap in your car, because you’ve got nowhere to stay. But, in this instance, it makes more sense to book into a hotel, because if you are caught napping in your car while under the influence of alcohol, you will get a minimum of 10 penalty points, as well as the possibility of receiving a very hefty fine, so don’t even think about sleeping in the car unless you really fancy having a breathalyser test!

Don’t Eat And Drive

In fact, anything like eating, drinking, or even applying make up or changing the CD while driving can get you between 3 and 9 penalty points, as well as a £100 fine. Technically, these acts are not illegal, but they can severely distract someone behind the wheel.

Driving Without An MOT

Sometimes we leave it too late, and if you’re stopped by the police, even on the way to an MOT appointment, you will have to be able to prove that you do have an appointment. It’s important to book your MOT as soon as you can, there are many mechanics that do MOTs with a quick turnaround, such as PR Motors, because you may have a fine for up to £1,000, or even have your vehicle impounded if you are found to have an invalid MOT certificate. Lots of people chance it, but if you are caught, you will pay the price.

Using Your Phone

Of course, there has been a massive clampdown on using your mobile phone while driving. But a lot of people use their phone as a way to pay for things now, and so if you are caught at a drive-thru using your phone to pay for your meal, this is classed as using your phone while driving! You will get an on the spot fine of £200, which can go up to £1,000 if your case ends up in court. You could also get up to six penalty points on your license.

There are laws that you may think are stupid, but as these have shown, sometimes you think you’re being sensible, but in fact you are breaking the law. So think twice, and check your highway code!

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