Not feeling confident behind the wheel? Try these solutions…

18 Sep

A lack of confidence when driving can cause you to make misjudgements and even create a collision. It could also make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack every time you sit in the driving seat.

People who think like that should work hard to turn the situation around as soon as possible. High levels of anxiety are never a positive thing when you’re in charge of a machine that weighs a couple of tons. So, take some of the advice from this page and put it into action. With a bit of luck, you’ll notice an improvement straight away.

Plan your journeys

Sometimes it’s the uncertainty of driving that can make people feel less than comfortable with the experience. Lots of motorists claim their anxiety levels increase when they aren’t familiar with the route. You are living in the digital age, and so it’s possible to use technology to turn that situation on its head. Do yourself a favour and download some route planning software to your smartphone or invest in a satellite navigation system. That should help to remove a lot of the pressure from your shoulders and ensure you can get from A to B without having a mental breakdown. Some of the best route planning tools available today include:
* Google Maps
* Here Maps
* ViaMichelin


Take some extra lessons

Just because you passed your driving test doesn’t mean you should stop taking lessons. Some people find that paying for a few refreshers after a year or so can help to build their confidence. Regardless of where you might live in the country, there are lots of companies that offer that service. So, you just need to search for driving lessons specialists and read some reviews. It’s often sensible to avoid the company you used when getting your license and try a different brand. That is because instructors don’t always use the same techniques, and you might benefit from the expertise of an alternative expert.

Avoid driving alone

There is a good chance that you feel worse when you are alone in the car. For that reason, you should try to make sure you always have a passenger who also holds a driving license if you ever take a road trip. That way, if things become too much, you can swap seats and take a break. At the very least, you’re going to have some support if anything goes wrong. That should ease your nerves and ensure you can focus on driving without panicking too much. Consider offering a carpool service to your work colleagues to avoid being alone during your morning and evening commute. If you have to pick the children up from school, offer a lift to another local parent.

Those of you who put some of that advice to use should notice an improvement in your confidence levels in no time. Some people are always going to feel nervous when they sit in the driving seat, but things should get better as you gain more experience. Just don’t make the mistake of avoiding your car because drivers who do that will never reduce their anxiety.


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