Driving home for Christmas? Prepare for the trip!

20 Sep
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Christmas is approaching very quickly. We’re all in the midst of our Christmas shopping, planning, rushing around trying to get everything done so that we can relax and enjoy the season.

But, now that so many of us live away from our families, we may have something else to think about in the coming weeks…driving home for Christmas.

Many families now live all over the country. Or perhaps even the world. Fewer and fewer people spend their lives living in the same town, surrounded by their families. For those that live away from their parents and other relatives, Christmas can offer one of the few chances to get back to spend some quality time with the people they love and is well worth what could be a very long drive.

When we think about driving home for Christmas, many of us imagine beautiful snowy streets and a peaceful drive listening to Christmas tunes. Unfortunately, the reality can be very different. For many, the Christmas drive home is rushed, uncomfortable and cold. Sometimes even dangerous. Here’s a look at everything you can do to prepare for your trip, ensuring it’s as easy as possible.

Get Your Car Serviced

The last thing you want on the most important trip of the year is to break down. You could check your car yourself, using this video to help,, and if there are any bodywork issues, get in touch with But, if you’ve got any doubts at all it’s a good idea to take the car in for a full service.

Check the Weather

The weather forecast is notoriously unreliable, but, it’s still a good idea to check so that you’ve got some idea of what you may be facing.

Plan the Journey

Even if you’ve made this journey many times before and consider yourself an accomplished driver, it will be different in winter conditions. Look online for any changes to your usual route and study a map before you leave. Even if you plan to use a sat nav, it’s a good idea to consult a map first.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

One of the leading causes of accidents in bad weather conditions is people rushing. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time for your journey and that you schedule in some stops along the way.

Prepare Supplies

Preparation can only do some much. If the worst happens and you do find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need supplies. Make sure you have jumpers, blankets and food and drinks in the car and that your phone battery is fully charged when you leave the house.

Check Your Coverage

You should also make sure that your insurance includes breakdown cover so that even if something does happen, you won’t be waiting too long for help.

Drive Carefully

You’ve left plenty of time, your car is fine, and you’ve got everything you need. Now, you just need to drive carefully. Remember, adverse conditions aren’t always obvious and black ice can be incredibly dangerous. Your car will have much less traction than usual, so, drive slowly, accelerate carefully, and make sure you brake early and gently.

Then, when you get there safe and sound, enjoy your holidays!


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