Winter road safety advice you shouldn’t ignore

21 Sep

In many parts of the UK and US, snowfall is causing significant issues for road users. There are already reports of disastrous collisions and accidents due to a thin layer of ice covering the roads.

With that in mind, there are some essential winter driving tips on this page that you need to put into practice.

Always plan your route

The last thing anyone needs is to get lost or drive in the wrong direction when the weather is less than perfect. You’ll want to get from A to B in the fastest time possible to limit the number of hours you spend on the road and the risks you face. So, be sure you use a route planner before you climb into your vehicle.

Check the weather before you leave home

There is already lots of ice and snow on the roads in some places in the UK and US. Weather experts say snow could continue to fall during the next couple of weeks. For that reason, you need to get in the habit of checking the weather before you leave home. That way, you shouldn’t get stuck while you’re out and about.

Drive slow, and keep a safe distance

Do not make the mistake of putting the pedal to the metal during the winter months. While you would typically keep a car’s distance between your vehicle and the motorist in front; it’s sensible to double or even triple that range when there is ice on the ground.

If you can’t understand why you need to take these winter driving tips seriously; just take a moment to look at the graphic below. It should highlight the severity of the situation.

Infographic by

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