Why French car design is up there with the best

22 Sep
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Most of us hear about the amazing engineering of German vehicles and the sleek sexiness of Italian design. Then there’s the rugged frame of American cars and the elegance of British design – but what about French cars?

The French have been making some of the world’s most popular family vehicles for some time. Everywhere you will see a Citroen DS3 for Sale, mums driving their Peugeot and young couples with a Renault Clio. What makes French design so appealing the the general public? It certainly isn’t the most brutal or flashy design in the automotive industry, but there is a certain char, that catches people’s attention.

The first mechanical vehicle

You may not know that in the year 1769, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented the first ever mechanical vehicle. He was a French inventor and created a steam powered tricycle, and this device could carry passengers with it, where others previously had been too small.

France has always had a large part in the history of the modern car. And up to this day it still is recognised as one of the countries who were responsible for building the car we know today.

Reliable Cars

If you want to know why so many people choose a Citroen, Peugeot and Renault over the other cars in the market, it is simple. They are incredibly reliable vehicles which are affordable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

They are the type of car you count on throughout the years, and after a decade everything will still be working perfectly for you. French cars are made to be practical and are made to work. They are designed in a way that isn’t flashy or beautiful, but drivable. The parts are so good from French brand that others use them in their vehicles. For example Mercedes uses Renault engines for some of their cars because they are so reliable and the parts are great quality.

Racing Background

French cars have been on the track for a hell of a long time, and in fact, the only brand of car which has ever held a racing victory in three different centuries is Peugeot. Forget your Bugatti and Lamborghini, Peugeot is a car brand which has been a steady contender throughout the whole history of racing. They are incredibly fast and nimble vehicles which can weave and cut through any crowd of cars on the track, it set them apart from all of the rest.

French cars might not be the most stunning, fierce or sleek vehicles in the world, however what we do know is that French cars are amazing for the everyday person. And even if you are in the racing business, why not give a Peugeot a try next time you are on the tracks? You might be surprised. If you want a car which will keep you going for years, one which is practical and spacious, and with a spark of racing flair: get yourself a French car.


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