The iconic Mini – still Britain’s best export

24 Mar
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Picture1If you want the quintessential car of Great Britain, look no further than the Mini. The car has withstood the test of time, evolved naturally with changing trends and become a car people still love today.

The Mini is often voted one of the best cars in the world. So what makes the Mini such a fine brand with a lot of brilliant car models on sale. Let’s take a little trip back in time.

Iconic In Film History

In 1969 a little known film was released called The Italian Job. You might not have heard of it but…who are we kidding, if you’re reading this you’ve heard of it! It’s a great movie that’s embedded in film history and so too is the car. Similar to the DeLorean the Mini is loved for its appearance no matter its faults. It was widely embraced when the new Mini appeared again in an American remake.

Unique Style

Say what you like about the Mini, but it is certainly unique. Try as many might, no car company has come anywhere near replicated that unique style. There’s something completely British about the whole design from the compact body to the friendly front. It’s a great looking car, even if it doesn’t have the racing lines of a speedster. Bigger Mini’s like the Countryman manage to look good and subtle, at the same time. CooperMini have got the complete, full range for you to peruse.



The Mini has changed and evolved with the times and in essence, latter-day Minis still look remarkably similar to the original models. They have grown up and out to provide more space for families looking for a great vehicle. It’s kept the compact style despite providing more space on the inside. That’s not the only way the Mini has improved over the years.

One Powerful Little Car

There’s a reason why the Mini has been used in two heist films in two generations. It’s a powerful little car. It was before and it is today. In fact, you can buy a Mini that rivals the power of a low class sports car – the John Cooper Works. It’s one of the hottest hatchbacks on the market and that’s why we love it so much. If you buy a Mini, you can guarantee you’re going to have fun out on the roads. It handles and corners like it’s on rails and because it’s low to the ground, the sensation of speed is even greater. Should you be brave enough to take it to a track day, the Mini isn’t just a worthy family car. It’s a superb racing machine, rivalling the best hatchbacks out there.

Remarkably Green

But, even with track-day power, a Mini is still a car ready for the modern age. Every year, these cars get more fuel efficient while maintaining their power.

It’s a reliable machine, even in the worst road conditions and that’s why it’s Britain’s best car export.



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