UK is tenth largest auto manufacturer

27 Mar
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A recent research project into automobile-producing countries recently found the UK to rank at number ten. The British Isles have hung onto the position since last year, and we wanted to know a little more about the brands that have made it happen. The UK car industry has taken a real hit during the last ten years. We’ve already seen significant issues for carmakers like Jaguar and Rover. However, the situation seems to be improving. So, there’s every chance the country will rank in an even better position in 2018. We’ll also take a look at the full top ten here today.

Brands that keep the UK at number ten

Some of the most popular UK car brands that secure their position in the global market include:

* Aston Martin
* Bentley
* Jaguar
* Land Rover
* Lotus
* Mclaren
* Mini
* Nissan / Infiniti
* Toyota
* Rolls Royce

Between those companies, just over one and a half million models are sold around the world each year. Were it not for the experts working for those manufacturers, Britain would never have a place on the international stage. Will things continue to improve during the next twelve months? It looks likely as most of those firms plan to release hybrid and electric editions this year. The English government just introduced a new rule that excludes those vehicles from road tax. So, they are about to become far more desirable.

Other brands that made the top ten


It sounds astonishing, but China produced and sold more than twenty-four million cars last year alone. The country produced far more than Japan (7.9m), the US (3.2m), and Germany (5.2m). Chinese cars are cheaper to purchase than those from other countries. That helps to secure their position. Buyers don’t need to save a fortune or obtain unsecured poor credit loans to get a new model. The same can’t be said for some British brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce.


Carmakers in India might have only made around 3.2 million vehicles last year, but that is a 20% improvement on 2015. Indeed, the country looks set to overtake Korea (3.9m) this year. That is because investors from around the world have put more money in that nation than ever before. India’s economy is booming at the current time, and that’s something the manufacturers need to continue for a while longer.

Spain and Mexico

Spain produced 2.4 million cars last year, and Mexico managed around 2.2 million. Again, both economies are doing well, and the success seems to correlate. Many foreign car companies have their manufacturing plants in those countries. That helps to boost the figures slightly. Brands like Volkswagen, Nissan, and Renault all make some of their models in Spain or Mexico.

What do you think of the UK’s position in the global car market? Feel free to let us know in the comments. It’s good to see that Britain is making waves again after almost a decade in the dark. The collapse of the UK’s Rover plant made some experts believe the country would never make an impact on the industry again. However, it would seem they’re back with flying colours. Will things continue to improve for the UK as we move towards 2018? It seems likely. All the brands mentioned at the top of this page have exciting plans for the next twelve months.


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