Get to grips with these auto upgrades

31 Mar

Have you ever thought about upgrading your vehicle? Perhaps you’ve heard about some of the modifications or read about them online and thought…what’s that all about?

Surely they don’t add all that much to the vehicle, right? Well, you might be surprised and on this post we’re going to look at some of the popular modifications, incorrect assumptions about them and the real effect they can have on your  automobile.

Silicone Radiators

You might have seen some discussion about silicone radiator hoses online. What’s the point in them when you have a perfectly good rubber hose? Is it just because they look cool inside your engine? Actually, there’s a lot more to silicone radiator hoses than the aesthetic appeal. If we’re thinking about motorbikes these hoses are important particularly for off road use. They provide some much needed durability to a part of the bike that is exposed to the elements. For cars, it’s about performance. The hoses work well at hotter temperatures which means the car can be put under more pressure, at faster speeds without giving up. So, it’s definitely a mod worth thinking about.

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is a tech upgrade. Basically, in modern cars there’s a CPU or a control processing unit. This is a computer that controls every aspect of your car from the braking to how much power your engine receives to the top speed. Engine tuning is like hacking into the car computer and changing a few settings. This can impact the performance, speed and handling of the car. However, it’s only really relevant for high performance cars. It’s not going to do much for a Nissan Micra, but for a Mercedes it could be worth the price tag. Though, there is some debate between car mod experts about whether it makes the car a better vehicle.

High Performance Tyres

This is an interesting one because it certainly changes the look of your vehicle but it also has some practical benefits. High performance tyres can improve the handling of virtually any car, since you get more grip on the road. This means you’ll be able to make quicker, tighter turns on the road. Arguably the best use for high performance tyres is at a track day where cutting down those seconds actually counts for something.

Weight Reduction

Finally, there are lots of ways people reduce weight in their car. An example would be getting rid of the spare tyre underneath your trunk. Instead of the tyre, just make sure you’re carrying around a can of tyre sealant and you still won’t be stuck at the side of the road for hours waiting for a pickup. Other people strip the interior of the car down by removing seats and replacing them with lighter ones. These individuals might think they’re making their cars faster and more agile. That’s a possible benefit but the main advantage comes from fuel consumption. A lighter car means less pennies on gas and fewer stops for fuel. So, if you’re interesting in cutting car costs, this is definitely the answer.


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