The world’s most exciting motorsport events

06 Apr

If you’re crazy about cars, then you know how fun it is to have the open road stretch before you, a tank full of fuel and then….not be able to put your foot down because it’d be against the law.

Some people out there, though, they get to put their foot down and get paid for it. They are…the professional drivers, and they compete in the most exciting motorsport events found anywhere on earth. Here’s our top 5 events. Ah, if only we had the type of skills needed to be trusted with some of the fastest and most powerful vehicles ever built….

Monaco Grand Prix

Just about everything about the Monaco Grand Prix is good. It’s a phenomenal track, has as much history as is possible in motor racing, and effortlessly delivers all that is cool about the glamourous world of racing. Even if your friends and family are not massively into racing, it won’t be hard to convince them to book tickets for Monaco with BAC Sport, because this is about so much more than racing: it’s one of the world’s great social events, where rich and famous mix with the auto lovers to create a buzzing atmosphere. Not that the race is incidental: win this and you’re in the history books.


In terms of ambition, you have to admire what happens during the 24 Hours Nürburgring race. As the name suggests, this race goes on for 24 hours – a whole day of racing. And it’s not reserved just for the experts, either – plenty of amateurs enter. In all, there are some 200 cars and more than 700 drivers involved during the weekend, who are able to drive for 150 minute before taking a break.

Le Mans

Le Mans is one of the world’s most respected races and runs, like Nürburgring, for 24 hours. The first race was held back in 1923 and, quite incredibly, some car companies who entered the race thought it was a wise idea to do it all with just one driver! Luckily, that practice has been banned now. It’s a different focus to speed racing, of course, with car makers trying to find better ways to create a car that is competitive yet sturdy enough to make it through a 24 slog race. One for people who love innovation under the hood!

Rally Finland

There’s nothing quite like Rally Finland. Turn on the TV during the event and you’ll be met by the familiar sights of cars flying through the air above gravel roads, with trees or expansive fields on either side. It’s ballsy, fun, and looks pretty hopelessly dangerous – this is one where we’re happy we’re watching from the armchair, for sure.

Isle of Man TT

Oh, a motorsport event that isn’t cars! Stick with us: The isle of Man TT is bags of fun. Dating back to 1907, this challenging track is the biggest test that motorcyclists and indeed the bikes themselves can face – and proves that sometimes motorbikes do have their qualities.


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