Classic Car Challenges : How To Beat Them

26 May

If you read most blogs, you will know that classic cars are great, but they come with a lot of challenges.

And, that might put you off buying one because they are expensive. Let’s face it – you don’t want to splash out on a motor that you can’t drive. But, what these posts don’t tell you is that the challenges aren’t set in stone. Yep, there are simple fixes that can take away the pain. All you need now is a list of all the challenges as well as the fixes. As luck has it, there are all underneath. What a stroke of fortune!

Parts Not Readily Available

An average car owner can simply go to the nearest garage to pick up a spare part if there is a problem. Sadly, you might not have the same luxury if your car is older than the hills. So, what is your next course of action? To start with, you can go online and search for the part. If this turns out to be too expensive, there are auctions where you can pick up cars for cheap. As long as it has the right components, you’re onto a winner. Or, there are classic car clubs which pool together their resources and help members in need. But, you have to be a part of the clique to be on the receiving end of their generosity.

Gas Guzzlers

Unlike modern models, old cars don’t care about the environment. As a result, they drink fuel like a university student at a hazing ceremony. Obviously, this isn’t good for the planet or your bank balance, which poses a bit of a problem. Thankfully, where there is a will, there is a way. In this situation, the way is clear: convert the engine. Then, you can use cheaper energy sources like vegetable oil which is readily available and doesn’t destroy the Ozone layer. It sounds expensive, but it tends to be less costly than filling up on diesel with the rising prices.


Now, a scratch might not seem like a big deal, but it is when you have a classic on your hands. Again, it relates to the fact that the materials do not exist anymore like they did in the past. So, if your car is a certain colour, it might be hard to find a mechanic that can source the paint. Or, if there is damage to the body, the same might apply. At least, it would if companies like Bodyline didn’t exist. The Bodyline classic car restoration service will have your car looking the part in no time. And, just in time to chicken wing it in the summer. Sweet!

Bad Safety Equipment

Some cars were made before the introduction of seat belts and airbags. Nowadays, that’s a big problem in terms of staying safe behind the wheel. The good new is that there are alternatives, even though retrofitting is probably out of the question. For starters, you can change your driving style to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Plus, you can make sure what you have is working, such as the tyres.

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