Thinking of buying a new car? Why not extend the life of your current one

06 Dec
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As a car owner, it’s easy to ditch a car once it starts to look or feel a little old and worn down. But do you really need to spend all that money on buying a new car?

It’s more than possible to extend the life of your current vehicle if you take the right steps and do the right things. Here are some ways to do exactly that and make your car last a bit long for you.

Keep Having it Checked, Inspected and Serviced

You need to make sure that your car is checked regularly if you want to keep it in the best possible shape. It won’t last for very long if you don’t do this, so it’s not something you can afford to ignore. So many car owners miss services of don’t bother to inspect the car in any real depth. That’s a mistake, though. By fixing small problems, you can stop them developing into larger ones that could destroy the car. You should also make sure you never miss a MOT.


Rotate Your Tyres

Your car’s tyres are put under immense pressure, and that’s why should rotate them to get the most out of them and the car as a whole. You can save money by having to change your tyres less if you rotate them. Make sure this is something that is done, at least, after every 6000 miles you drive on the tyres. You can rotate them more regularly than that if you want to get even more value out of them.

Look After the Transmission Better

The car’s transmission is very important. It needs to be maintained properly if your car is going to stay in good shape and last for as long as possible, there is no way of getting around that fact. So, think about what you can do to keep it content. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you change the transmission fluid regularly. This is the most important thing of all. It needs to be changed every few years, or sooner if you are driving a higher than average number of miles in the car. It’s best to use a synthetic fluid, but check your car’s manual if you are not sure which option is best.

Protect it From the Sun

The sun can do serious damage to your car if you’re not careful to protect it properly. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind if you want to ensure that your car lasts longer for you. It will ruin the paint, and when that happens, the car will be more likely to rust. That’s the last thing you want because once rust starts to spread, it can be a headache to deal with. You don’t need that, so try to protect it in whatever way you can. You could invest in a car cover or make space in your garage to keep it protected whenever it’s not in use. This will also protect it against damage inflicted by the elements during the winter months.


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