Time for a new car? Spruce up yours before you sell to get the best deal

15 Dec
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So, you’re thinking about getting a new car? You might start to get excited about the kind you want and even about picking it up. But, before you get ahead of yourself, you’re going to want to think about selling your current car first.

You could just ask around or list it online as it is, but you might find that you get a lot less money for it than you were expecting. So, it’s time to give your car the VIP treatment and get it up to scratch ready to sell on so you can move on and start to enjoy your new car.

Get A Valet

If you’re not a neat freak, then there’s a big chance that your current car is going to need a tidy up. If you have parking tickets and drinks bottles, recipes and even shoes cluttering the floors, then it’s time to clear up and hoover up. Depending on the overall condition of the car, you might even want to get your seats cleaned too. Remember, if buyers are impressed with the car, they’ll be more willing to pay the price you’re asking for.

Primp And Prep

Before you think about listing your car for sale, you want to think about neatening up the outside. If you’re prone to a small fender bender or two, then it’s likely that you have a few scratches on the paintwork. These could bring the value of your car down. So, you’re going to want to get them fixed first. Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs, like spraying on new paint or removing scratches, could be the difference between a sale and no sale at all. Plus, flawless paintwork will make sure that potential buyers have nothing to quibble over when it comes to the price.

Add New Mats

Everyone loves a freebie. Whether we feel like we’re getting more for our money, or it feels like a little present, throwing in extra things can always help a sale to go through. You might want to include a book on the car or even a keyring. But, a big selling point could even be adding in new mats or seat covers. Not only will the interior look refreshed, but you might be able to cover up any worn areas if the car is getting old.

Get Everything Together

When people are looking to buy a used car, they often want to buy from someone responsible. They want to make sure that the car in question has been looked after, and that it will be reliable. A good way to show that is by keeping all of your vehicle paperwork together. Make sure you have the service history of the car too. You might find that you get your asking price or more money than you were expecting because you’ve demonstrated that the car has been looked after.

Take Good Pictures

And finally, when you do come to list your current car for sale, make sure you get some really good shots of it. Show off the car and try to get as much interest as you can. If your car is washed and shiny, it will help, but poor quality photos can be off-putting. So think about the positioning of the car and the amount of light in the pictures before you take them. It could make all the difference.

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