Guys! Why do we love cars so much?

08 Mar
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For anyone that hasn’t noticed, I love cars…and I know I am not alone. I also know that thousands of other men have the same obsession and there are plenty more that don’t yet still love getting behind the wheel.

Whether it’s a BMW or a Volvo, it doesn’t matter because the feeling is still the same. So, what makes us crave a need for speed? Why do men like us love cars? Here are a few of my thoughts.

A Feeling Of Power

Not everyone gets to wield power in everyday life. For people like me and you, there is no ordering others around and making them do our bidding. If anything, we are the ones that have to do the dirty work, but that all changes when we are behind the wheel. As soon as the ignition is on and the car is humming, there is a sense of raw power. We know we can touch the gas pedal and energy would surge through the entire vehicle. When a driver has their foot down to the floor, and they are at one with the car, there is no better feeling and it’s all down to power.

We Are Told To

Think of a person who is a guy that doesn’t like cars. Did you shake your head when you found out he wasn’t an enthusiast? Most of us do, and it’s not just because we love cars. There is another reason, and it’s down to the culture. Society tells us that men like manly hobbies like sport and cars, and we soak this message up as kids. By the time we can legally drive, we are already infatuated with the speed, the handling, and the overall specifications of the vehicle. We are constantly fed the message that we should love cars, and most of us get the hint.

So Much Variety

There isn’t just one model or make or car. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands for us to choose from, and it all adds to the excitement. It means we can pick a car that is quick or one that handles like a dream, or one that doesn’t even fun off fuel. We can choose to take automatic lessons over manual ones and drive an automatic car as a result. And, we can soak up information about all the different models and dream about one day driving them around a circuit or on mountain roads. Come on; I’m not the only one who has fantasized about pushing a Bugatti to the limits.

Constantly Changing

A direct knock-on of all the variety is the constant change in the industry. As opposed to a few years ago, the car industry is almost unrecognisable. Instead of focussing on power and speed, car owners want to know about fuel efficiency and the effect on the environment. Manufacturers like Toyota and Tesla are even coming up with electric models, while Tesla and Google are trying to create a driverless car. As the industry changes, there is so much more to keep up with and so much more to keep us excited.

Whether you like the change or not, there is no doubt that it grabs your attention and makes you form an opinion.


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