How to go about Driving Abroad

02 May

If you’re thinking about taking the family away this summer to a foreign country and are considering taking the car, then you’ve come to the right place.

Driving abroad can come with a whole set of headaches so we are here today to help you figure out how to go about getting you and your family there safely and then getting around your host country with zero complications.

Depending on where you’re going you will need to consider how you are getting there. If you’re heading to Europe are you happy to jump on a ferry for an evening or are you going to prefer to look into a vehicle delivery service to get your vehicle there separately to your family so you can just hop on a plane. Depending on your plans and the logistics of your holiday it’s worth looking at a company like ‘Shiply’ to see what your options are

International Driving Permit

So now that you know how you and your vehicle are getting there, what you need to do next is look at your driving license to make sure that it is valid for driving on foreign territory. Don’t be confused if you see ‘IDP’ on your driving license this just means that your document is translated into different languages however it is not an automatic invitation to drive wherever you please in the World.

Check with your Embassy about any specifics you will need regarding driving license laws in the country that you are travelling to and make sure you always have your driving license with you wherever you go.

Don’t Forget Your insurance

Look into the different insurance options necessary to cover you for any eventuality on your trip away. Make sure you are covered for any damage or theft or liability should you be at fault for an accident. Also make sure your insurance covers any injury to you or any other passengers in your vehicle.

Culture Differences

Read up a little about any cultural differences that you may encounter in the country that you are visiting. Cultural differences can certainly influence how people drive in different areas around the World so make sure you are prepared for any big culture shocks that may be initially alarming.

Right vs Left

This is one of biggest areas of concern for anyone travelling on a holiday where they plan to drive on the opposite side of the road. The kind of dexterity it takes to skillfully swap over to driving on completely the other side of the road comes easily to some and for others it just takes a little time to adjust. So try not to get to nervous about it. Stay relaxed yet focused and ask your co-pilot to stay alert with you until you get used to it.

There’s a lot to take in to prepare yourself for driving your car in a foreign country however it can be one of the best decisions if you want a holiday without any obnoxious taxi drivers, complicated train timetables and endless queues for buses to the airport.


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