HERITAGE ➤ Jaguar’s ‘Lightweight’ E-Type reborn

14 May
By Wayne Gorrett - Jaguar Lightweight E-type a

Jaguar has announced that it will build the ‘missing’ six ‘Lightweight’ E-Types – those that were never built from the original eighteen ‘Special GT E-Type’ car series.

☀     ☀     ☀

In Jaguar’s first re-creation project, the all-aluminium cars will be assigned the six remaining chassis numbers originally set aside in 1963. All six will be perfect reproductions and carry the exact specifications of the original twelve cars – including the fabulous 3.8-litre straight-six engine. - Jaguar Lightweight E-type c

The race-bred E-Type Lightweight shed an impressive 250lb (114kg) compared to the standard E-Type car, due mostly in part to an all-aluminium body and engine block, the removal of all interior trim and weighty exterior chrome work. Additional load-shedding included hand-operated side windows. - Jaguar Lightweight E-type b

Demand for the remaining six Lightweights is expected to be very high amongst Jaguar collectors – especially those with historic race car interests.

No news on prices yet but you’d need considerably more than a recce of the sofa – my estimate would be around £220k. The first of the six will make its UK appearance around September. - Jaguar Lightweight E-type d

Fact file

* The Lightweight E-types were built by Jaguar’s competition department and twelve complete cars were built, eleven of which are believed to survive today. - Jaguar Lightweight E-type f

* The Lightweights were homologated for GT competition by being designated a ‘standard’ roadster E-type fitted with a number of options. Those options varied from car to car, but the main modifications included all-aluminium monocoque and aluminium body panels, aluminium engine block, wide-angle head, dry-sumped 3.8-litre XK engine with fuel injection, and aluminium hardtop. All chassis numbers carried an ‘S’ prefix. - Jaguar Lightweight E-type e

* The Lightweight E-types were raced by such luminaries as Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Roy Salvadori and Briggs Cunningham. Today the remaining eleven Lightweights are regular front-runners in the historic motorsport scene.


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