Best new car for young drivers : The Hyundai i10

15 May

Driving is no cheap affair. Especially for newly passed young drivers. With high insurance rates, tax and the rising cost of fuel to worry about, forking out for the car itself can often throw under 25s into financial despair.

Not everyone wants a second-hand banger with the exhaust falling off for their first car. Older cars can end up costing more than their worth in repairs and missed time from work when they break down in the winter. So what’s a young driver to do? Well, this is perhaps where the Hyundai i10 comes to the rescue.

First things first

High performance, big name cars might be the dream for young people. But Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati Parts don’t come cheap. Never mind the actual cars themselves. The first tip for new drivers is to be realistic. Find a car with a starter price within your budget. Then remember the insurance costs, tax costs and potential repair costs before signing up to anything on finance or purchasing anything outright.


The Hyundai i10 is a city car. It’s sleek in design with five doors as standard. The car was introduced in 2008 with a great reception, but the third-generation model has stepped the game up. It is noted for its low pricing and reduced running costs.


This isn’t the cheapest starter car, but it is competitively priced. Remember that you get what you pay for. See your first car as an investment piece. The i10 is worth every penny. Hyundai offers attractive deposit contributions and low-interest finance details. The 1.0-litre engine is economic, but a 1.2- is also available. Insurance and servicing costs are amongst the lowest in this car’s class.


So, how does it drive? The Hyundai i10 doesn’t need to be worked too hard and drives smoothly around cities and towns. Its suspension can deal with inner city potholes. The steering may not be as flexible as other cars but works perfectly for cities which tend to lack endless winding roads. The center lock feature makes for easy parking and has plenty of grip.


The i10 is considered one of the most reliable supermini cars. Consider the car’s support package. It has a five-year road warranty with roadside assistance included. What’s more? Free professional, annual vehicle checks to ensure everything is running as smoothly as it should be.


The five doors mean that a young driver can get friends in and out of the car easily and there is ample boot space for luggage: perfect for road trips, traveling to and from long distance universities and summer festivals. Cup holders come as standard, which is a nice bonus. There is plenty of headroom, even for tall drivers and passengers. Where the i10 shines is rear space. Even rear middle-seat passenger will be comfortable with plenty of legroom. For young families, five doors is an essential. Baby seats and three doors don’t tend to gel too well. So if you’re planning on upping your family numbers, this is a great car for family growth.


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