NEWS ➤ Let’s get ‘Driver-Ed’ onto the Curriculum

28 Nov - Young Driver #1

➤ Campaign urges Government to put driving on the curriculum.
➤ Competition for schools to win free ‘Young Driver at School’ lessons.

An early driver education programme is stepping up its campaign to get driving on the school curriculum.

A competition has been launched to offer four secondary schools the chance to win a ‘Young Driver at School’ event for up to 60 children, to show the impact early tuition can have on youngsters.

‘Young Driver’ is Britain’s largest provider of under-17 driving tuition, having delivered 275,000 lessons from its 41 nationwide training centres and held events at over 130 schools. It offers tuition to anyone over the age of 10. - Young Driver #2

The scheme is currently heading a campaign to have driving added to the school curriculum – one which we here at WWA heartily endorse – in a bid to significantly reduce the unacceptably high accident rate for young drivers. A shocking one in five new drivers in the UK has an accident within six months of passing their test and road traffic accidents account for 25 per cent of the deaths of 15-19 year olds in the UK, compared to just 0.5 per cent of the overall adult population. Every year, 400 people are killed in accidents involving young drivers.

A petition has been launched to ask the Government to add driving and road safety to the curriculum, which has already gained backing from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the RAC, the Driving Instructors Association, the Association of British Insurers, the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain, Admiral, Goodyear and Mr Quentin Wilson, a well-known presenter and ‘go-to’ motoring expert. - Young Driver #3

The ‘Young Driver at School’ competition is open to any private or state secondary school/academy based in the UK and includes either 30 half-hour or 60 fifteen-minute lessons and a road safety classroom session from a qualified advanced driving instructor. Driving lessons can usually take place within the grounds of a school, in a dual-controlled car with one of ‘Young Driver’s’ specially-trained instructors.

➤ To enter the competition, please visit

Kim Stanton, who heads up the ‘Young Driver’ scheme, said: “We need to tackle the high rate of accidents involving young drivers – far too many precious lives are lost and barely a week goes by without another tragic story. Pilot studies in Europe have shown a 40 per cent reduction among novice driver groups who trained at school and our own research similarly shows that past pupils of the Young Driver scheme are half as likely to have an accident when they do pass their test. That is why we feel so strongly that this should be added to the school curriculum – our petition does not suggest lowering the age at which people can take to the roads, but instead proposes youngsters should start to be taught about driving at whilst at school. The younger you can get to teens the better as they are more receptive to safety messages when the pressure isn’t on to pass their test and get driving independently as soon as they can. - Young Driver #4

“As well as operating weekend and school holiday events at our nationwide training centres, we have also run many sessions with schools and teachers are often surprised how little space we need to do so. We look forward to receiving lots of entries for the competition and to introducing the concept of responsible driving to even more youngsters.”

➤ To add your signature to the petition to introduce driving within the UK school curriculum, please visit:


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