Maserati ‘mules’ head out for engine testing

21 Nov

The first ‘mule’ for the development of the new Maserati powertrain was driven out of the Viale Ciro Menotti gates, in Modena today.

The ‘mules’ (as test vehicles are known in the automotive industry) of a new Maserati model have a special wrap that echoes the ‘Save the Date’ teaser ahead of the full reveal event scheduled for May, 2020.

The experimental vehicles are equipped with a new powertrain entirely developed and built in Maserati and will pre-empt a new family of engines integrated exclusively on the vehicles of the marque.

The data acquired through the many thousands of miles covered by the mules will be integrated with the experience gathered in the Maserati Innovation Lab driving simulators, the most advanced in the world. This working methodology will then be used to fine-tune and develop the prototypes with final bodywork and mechanics.

More info to follow when available…

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