About me

Wayne Gorrett

The past ten years as a widely-published freelance motoring journalist have been thoroughly enjoyable. I gratefully acknowledge and appreciate those helpful PR peeps who helped make it possible and, of course, those commissioning editors in the UK and South Africa that saw something in my writing enough to pay me for it and publish it for their readers. Who knew, eh?

Thank you all…it was a blast! While the invites keep coming, I’ll see you at SMMT.

In a move away from that former life, I have – since June 2021 – become a Regional Agent for Car & Classic. I receive assignments to visit and photograph vendor’s cars or motorcycles and write the accompanying auction script. Every week I meet interesting people and discover some truly wonderful motor vehicles.

It is hugely important to keep classic cars on the road and to encourage the next generation to continue to do so. You can’t beat seeing a child waving or smiling at your car, hearing a breathless ‘Wow!’ or ‘Cool!’ and hoping they draw inspiration from the occasion sometime in their future.

Mrs G, our half-dozen rescued wolf pack and I are about to commence a new chapter of our life together as we relocate up north to Trimdon Village in County Durham. There, I can continue working with Car & Classic and look forward to a semi-retirement…of sorts.


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