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BMW’s 2019 new models reviewed

Even with a classic car make such as BMW which has been around forever there are always new models coming out – as in the car manufacturing industry, if you stand still, you essentially move backward.

So how have the new additions this year, in 2019, stacked up? Here we briefly review the new additions and see what direction things are going in. It’s not James Bond territory but a pretty solid offering and here we will outline what is on offer.

G20 3 Series, compact executive car

It’s no surprise that BMW sells executive cars, it’s this prestige that has built and progressed the brand over the last few decades and this most recent incarnation of the classic 3 series. So how does it stack up? Well as you’d expect, pretty solidly overall, being a market leader in this field BMW knows what it’s doing. Some small oversights such as smart-phone integration only bring the car away from being exceptional but you get what you expect here. 4/5

F40 1 Series, subcompact car

For a small, speedy and fun to drive subcompact the F40 1 Series pretty much hits all the right marks. It’s comfortable, handles well and feels quick. If you compare it to rivals in its class such as the Audi A3 or VW Golf, I think it just edges a win in this category. 4.5/5

G06 X6, mid-size luxury SUV

This mid-size SUV follows on from the previous X5, an excellent car in its range but for those of us expecting something new the response is pretty much a resounding, ‘meh’. There’s nothing wrong with it and it’s expected to be amongst the most popular leasing deals this year, just check here. But there’s not much to say against it but on the other hand, nothing new to excite. 3.5/5

G07 X7, full-size luxury SUV

With the SUV revolution in full swing, the X7 is BMW’s hand in the large vehicle category. As you’d expect a robust number that’s also pretty high spec and luxurious. Dripping with features both practical and for comfort. If you have a family or just want to give the right impression as you drive up then the X7 will not disappoint. Definitely the best of the 2019 additions and updates, the only real downside is the price-tag, but that’s not to be a surprise. 4.5/5

What’s Coming Up In 2020

So what’s coming up in the next year. We already know what we are to expect and there is a lot to be excited about. The 8 series convertible is one that really excites us, we’ve not seen a convertible version of this one for quite some time and how exactly it has been reimagined will be good to see.

An electric SUV in the way of the iX3 will be very interesting as well, how it functions and can it live up to the traditional BMW standard and live up to the price it will be offered at. These are among another strong line-up which will be anticipated by all motor fans.


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