The Brand Portfolio

Car collage
Here is the list of automotive brands with whom I work closely. I am privileged with loan access to the full range of current cars in their respective Press fleets along with their media drive days and UK / EU new model launches.

Because of our association, I can bring you fresh, original content of new model road tests, driving impressions, launch event coverage and technology news. I will update this portfolio as new brands come aboard.

Please click through the logos and have a rummage around their websites.


waynesworldautobloguk Alfa Romeo logo - Aston Martin Logo

waynesworldautobloguk Audi logo

 waynesworldautobloguk BMW logo


waynesworldautobloguk Fiat logo - Ford logo - Honda logo



waynesworldautobloguk Jeep logo - Kia logo




waynesworldautobloguk Maserati logo






Peugeot Logo


waynesworldautobloguk Porsche logo

waynesworldautobloguk Renault logo


waynesworldautobloguk Rolls Royce logo

waynesworldautobloguk SEAT logo new

Skoda logo.jpg


Subaru-Logo2 - Tesla logo

waynesworldautobloguk Toyota logo





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